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Michael Dixon, Managing Director, SelerityMichael Dixon, Managing Director
The future belongs to those businesses that effectively employ analytics to understand their market, customers, and operations. However, until a few years ago, the idea of implementing an analytics solution probably wouldn’t be considered by those in charge of small to mid-sized businesses (SMBs), but if they had considered it, these organizations could get so much more out of their data and make informed business decisions. Considering these dynamics, Selerity, a managed service provider, came up with the idea of assisting businesses in getting the most out of their data using SAS – the leading analytics platform that allows customers around the world to transform data into intelligence. Selerity helps businesses obtain data insights faster in a reliable and cost-effective manner. Selerity strives to make analytics approachable and accessible to everyone by integrating SAS with the cloud to offer a smooth user experience.

Selerity’s journey as a SAS partner began in 2009, when Michael Dixon, the company’s founder and managing director, decided to work with SAS to empower businesses directly. His mission was to inspire and enable SAS users with the means to “do what they do best” and generate the insights they need. “We have been involved in this segment for years, and we have always strived to assist businesses in utilizing SAS effectively.
Given the huge leap that cloud technology has taken, we have been able to essentially wrap up the SAS solution and offer it as-a-service to people,” remarks Michael Dixon, managing director at Selerity.

The firm offers a range of managed services to help clients leverage the power of SAS, including installation, administration, support, on-demand services, and several other technologies of their own, allowing their customer’s to get the most out of their data. While there are other solutions in the market, Selerity focuses on SAS, as they are the leader in analytics, and the team at Selerity has been able to hone their skills better than anybody else in this segment.

The company’s focus has always been on the technology underlying SAS and how that can be integrated with all the other “things” that can elevate the experience and enable faster analysis. Selerity is primarily focused on offering SAS services to small players in the market who can log in straight away and start using SAS against their data. To ensure utmost ease to the customers, Selerity offers an online help desk and knowledge base to assist them with any queries they may have while using the software. “Our new focus and goal are to make SAS accessible as-a-service to our customers who want their data on the cloud,” remarks Michael. A prime example of this is Selerity’s partnership with Bupa Australia. Selerity has been a trusted partner to Bupa for over a decade and has assisted them in modernizing their analytics including cloud infrastructure and as-aservice options.
  • We focus on SAS, as they are the leader in analytics, and our goal is to make SAS available to everyone

In addition, the company has collaborated with the SAS Institute to offer training courses for SAS. The company pays close attention to each customer’s needs and helps them get started by offering official training from theSAS Institute. Moving forward, Selerity, with its recent platform enhancements around SAS Viya and SAS Analytics Pro, is excited to be working on its services to make SAS even more accessible.
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Michael Dixon, Managing Director

Selerity, a managed service provider, focuses on increasing the overall productivity of organizations by helping them leverage the power of SAS software.

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