New Mobile Payment Development Trends

Justin Smith, CIOReview APAC | Friday, September 21, 2029

The future of mobile payment technology will be controlled by mobile wallets and mobile point of sale devices.

FREMONT, CA : Consumers, retailers, banks, and payment processors form a dynamic network in today's payment processing ecosystem. The transition from physical to digital payments has been massive over the last decade.

Online purchases, smart devices, and mobile payments are changing how customers search for and pay for products and services and how payment processors embrace, secure, and facilitate transactions.

Payment digitization was a significant step toward creating an easy, convenient, quick, and safe payment system. Much of it has been accomplished successfully. In the last four to five years, digital payment systems have undergone significant improvements, and people must expect much more in the future. Some of the short- and long-term mobile growth patterns are mentioned below.

Short-term mobile development trends

Mobile commerce

This trend dates back about ten years and continues to be accurate today. An increasing number of businesses is using mobile applications to generate revenue. As per research, users can make more transactions on mobile apps and omnichannel sites. During the pandemic, every second person installed at minimum one online shopping app.

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Mobile wallets

According to forecasts from the Electronic Transactions Association, the global mobile payments industry will be worth $1,326 billion in 2021 (up from $ 1,100 billion in 2020).

The convenience and security of smartphone payments are driving its growth. As a result, e-commerce website owners offer customers the option of using a mobile wallet. It broadens the audience and improves the shopping experience.

Long-term mobile development trends

Voice search

A digital voice assistant is already built into every smartphone. Artificial intelligence-enabled smart speakers are getting popular. Since all millennials use voice search, companies must have a voice assistant in the app. It's a trend that's been going on for a long time. Big companies and online platforms with unusual traffic have also started using it.

Blockchain for cybersecurity

For many years, bitcoin and blockchain have been at the top of tech blogs and reports. Blockchain is now being used as a security tool by many major corporations and organizations. Its technology helps them build a decentralized database, ensuring data is stored in many locations, making hacking more difficult.

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