Fujitsu to Develop and Provide Fully Managed Mobility Solutions in Collaboration with AWS

CIO Review APAC | Thursday, September 16, 2021

Together with AWS, Fujitsu will HEP develop systems for mission-critical operations and mobility services and modernization of existing systems for enterprises in the mobility industry.

FREMONT, CA: Fujitsu announces a Strategic Collaboration Agreement with Amazon Web Services, an company, to boost the mobility industry's digital transformation (DX). This partnership will position Fujitsu as an essential player in accelerating DX and widening business for companies in the mobility sector, including automobile manufacturers, insurance providers, and logistics firms.

Enterprises in the mobility space presently face a once-in-a-century paradigm shift. They increasingly need the right digital tools to move from business models based primarily on vehicle delivery to models that offer value through mobility services utilizing vehicle data and offer new value through innovation based on CASE technologies, which is expected to allow all people to travel safely and comfortably to where they need to go and to reduce the burden on the environment. To help accelerate this transition, Fujitsu and AWS will partner to develop fully managed mobility solutions provided by Fujitsu through AWS Marketplace. This will see Fujitsu combining its Digital Twin and security solutions for the mobility sector with AWS's world-leading cloud services.

Fujitsu will work with the AWS Professional Services Team to aid companies in the mobility industry in developing and function new systems and modernizing their existing systems. Fujitsu will also accelerate its system development capabilities by certifying an additional 750 engineers on AWS. The collaboration uses both companies' respective strengths, including Fujitsu's expertise in technologies and system development in the mobility sector and AWS's breadth and depth of cloud services.

The collaboration consists of developing fully managed mobility solutions, developing systems utilizing AWS services in the mobility industry, and strengthening system development capabilities in the cloud with AWS certifications. Fujitsu will strengthen its system development potentials in the cloud by training 750 new AWS-certified systems engineers. Reinforcing this ability will allow Fujitsu to deliver systems that promote DX in the mobility industry.

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