Fujitsu Powers Galileo XAI Solution from LARUS for Financial Services

CIO Review APAC | Monday, September 13, 2021

LARUS and Fujitsu Limited propose to use components of Fujitsu's Finplex AI Scoring Platform Service EnsemBiz for LARUS' new Graph XAI (1) service.

FREMONT, CA: LARUS Business Automation S.r.l., an Italian solution vendor, and Fujitsu Limited propose to use components of Fujitsu's Finplex AI Scoring Platform Service EnsemBiz for LARUS' new Graph XAI (1) service, Galileo XAI, a financial services industry product. Finplex from Fujitsu EnsemBiz provides users with appropriate capabilities for financial services applications and additional abilities depending on Fujitsu Research's current "Deep Tensor" machine learning technology for evaluating graph-structure data. From August, LARUS will sell its new Galileo XAI system, while Fujitsu will provide associated integration services to Japanese customers.

The integration of LARUS's graph-powered platform and Fujitsu's Finplex EnsemBiz allows for precise graph structure data analysis, which is impossible with traditional technologies. Fujitsu and LARUS created this technology to help financial institutions avoid potential risks and expenses by providing a system that can automatically identify sophisticated and complicated illicit transactions, including self-financing, using advanced analysis and machine learning.

"The financial services industry is keen to incorporate advanced AI technologies to a range of applications to gain competitive advantage and to help businesses in the digitalization of payments," said Stefano Gatti, Head of Data and Analytics at Nexi Payments S.p.A. (3), The European PayTech leader. "This joint offering from Fujitsu and LARUS addresses a core industry objective to combat fraud and enhance compliance capabilities with connected data science and graph-based approaches."

"To ease people's concerns about AI and further Fujitsu's goal to make AI trustworthy, we've added explainable graph AI 'Deep Tensor' technology to 'Finplex EnsemBiz', which offers users the ability to understand and verify the reasoning behind the outputs of a system's decision-making processes," said Masaru Yagi, Senior Vice President of Financial & Retail Solution Business Group at Fujitsu Limited. "The transparency and peace of mind provided by Fujitsu's explainable AI technology will allow customers, especially those in the financial services industry, to confidently embrace innovations that deliver an edge in business. Fujitsu and LARUS look forward to offering graph AI solutions to other industry verticals."

"From our initial collaboration with Fujitsu Research to Galileo XAI solution commercialization as part of the Fujitsu Finplex EnsemBiz service, we are delighted to have embarked on this journey with Fujitsu, a company known for innovation and technological excellence," said Lorenzo Speranzoni, CEO of LARUS. "We look forward to our continued partnership and the expansion of our offering to customers in the Japanese and global markets."

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